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0 stars, 1 star is generous.Moved into a newly renovated apartment on Eerste van der Helststraat in Amsterdam. No Internet. In the 21st century. Had to contact them to get the builder back to dig up the walls to find the cable and connect it. Great start.Next; leak in the toilet ceiling. Every time upstairs apartment showered. Had to contact them for repair. When I dared ask a builder to look at it myself, I was put in my place and told they had to decide if any damage fell to them or if I did it myself. Yes, I flooded my own ceiling?! Well clearly the decided it’s was me as 1.5 years later, it’s still not repaired.Nice shower room…impractical set up. No shower door, so water goes everywhere. The door has not been painted with the correct paint, is peeling, swollen and the wood is rotting. Contacted them. ‘Assessor’ came out. Then nothing.What’s next? Ah yes, the apartment upstairs being renovated. After a particularly heavy rainstorm, wake up and 5am to brown water steaming down the bedroom walls. Mad dash to rescue the furniture. Notified the agency but had to contact builders myself to get the repair done upstairs to stop my apartment being ruined further. Rendered bedroom unusable for 3 days whilst I dried it out myself, had to sleep on the sofa. Several emails with photo and video sent, no reply. Ceiling and walls are stained brown and are quite frankly disgusting.Following week hear an odd noise in the kitchen. Another leak from the ceiling. Enough water to fill a mop bucket. Managed to grab the builder and he fixed it. But not before my kitchen wall took on a lovely level of damp. Again, emailed them with pictures and video, no reply at all.Let’s not forget the fact said builders don’t lay dust sheets or protect the area. The entire stair well filled with cement dust and the navy blue carpet turned white. Couldn’t walk down the stairs without it staining your clothes. Mailed about that to which I did get a response…that it would be cleaned when the work was complete. So in 4 months time. You want us to live in this asthma hazard for 4 months?! Another agent picked up the same message and sent a cleaner round (who only hoovered the carpet, the stairwell walls are still sticky and filthy).How could I forget the poor ventilation. Anytime downstairs cooks, smokes, even farts, my apartment reeks of it. In all seriousness, my BF has asthma so the cigarette smell really affects him, it’s choking. Told them about this. They did…precisely nothing. Well, Mr. Assessor came again which led to more nothing.Had a broker when renting this place, she has also tried to contact them and been ignored. Had reviews she wrote and left on Facebook and Google removed, which they will likely try to do with this one. Oh and don’t bother to call, they never answer then phone. At this point I reckon they are screening.During the period of the last 2 leaks, though they have wilfully ignored me, they have managed to email me notification of a rent increase. So someone is working there!Why do they not respond? I can only speculate it’s because they may be obligated to notify the building owner of such issues and the costs they incur so better to ignore it and feign tenant bliss?! I suspect they will try to delay repairs and do it at the same time and they fit and paint upstairs so the costs can be masked and rolled into the renovation costs. Just my suspicion. What can I call this?Mismanagement seems an understatement. I’m living with rotten walls and mould for crying out loud! And the rent is not cheap, let’s just call it premium pricing.They clearly do not care about the properties in their charge nor the conditions for the people living in them. Amsterdam is a fast market, they can re-let in a matter of hours. Clearly they care only about their money. Whatever this level of unprofessionalism is called , it’s utterly disgusting and I would implore anyone to seriously consider both allowing these clowns to let their property or rent from them.


"Dear Carine, We would like to inform you that our company Tel Krop makelaars did not do the rental of your apartment at the address you have mentioned. For that reason this review is not correct."

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